May You Find What You Are Looking For

I love taking the dog for walks, whether it’s just a short walk around the neighborhood, or a trip to the local beach, or letting him loose on a field so he can chase his ball. One thing I especially like to do when we go walking is to look around on the ground. I am always hoping to find something unusual. Or, like a friend of mine did in a local store, as he approached me to say ‘Hello’, find money. (My friend saw me and came over to say ‘Hi’. As he got closer, he looked under the stand that was holding the cards I was looking at, and said, “Hey! What’s that?” THAT was a crisp $50 Bill!)

One day, I was with another friend at the local beach, again, looking for unusual stuff – I am hoping to find a glass float ball that often break loose from Japanese fishing boats across the Pacific. This particular day, I thought I had hit pay dirt as I caught the sun reflecting off glass. As I went to investigate, it turned out to be a bottle half buried in the sand. As I pulled it out, I could see that the bottle definitely contained something unusual! There was a message stuffed inside! Was it a love note from some long since forgotten lover? Was is a message for help from someone stranded on some desert island in some far-flung corner of the ocean? Turns out it was something more mundane. Someone had stuffed the label from the bottle into the bottle, but I will never forget that initial rush of excitement that came when I was fishing it out!

This new year, I want to continue looking. But I want to look inside myself and find the beauty that lies within. Sometimes we become disconnected and lost. We lose a part of ourselves. I have spent too many years in that state – lost and disconnected. This year is going to be a journey of rediscovering myself. I hope that whatever you are looking for, you will find it this year!



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