Je Suis Charlie

je suis

Today, Islamic terrorists gunned down 12 editorial cartoonists at the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Their only ‘crime’? Drawing satirical cartoons of Islamic prophet Mohammed. This cowardly act, by three gunmen acting in the name of their religion, is nothing more than cold blooded murder – for DRAWING A CARTOON! Think about that for a moment. The magazine they worked for ran a political cartoon and these 12 people died for it. These people were not soldiers on the front lines, they were simply exercising their right to free speech. Period. Yes, religious freedom must be respected, but, freedom of speech deserves to be held sacred. It is freedom of speech that helps to keep government in check, that allows for the expression and sharing of thoughts and ideas. It is what makes a blog such as this, such as yours possible. To give in to the fear the of the gun over the freedom that the pen brings, means we are one step closer to relinquishing those freedoms we enjoy. No religion, Christian, Muslim, Judaism or any other trumps our freedom of speech. Ironically, it is that freedom of speech that enables the freedom of religion. You cannot have freedom of religion without freedom of speech. Stand with those that value this freedom. Ultimately, the power of free speech will triumph over the evil of terrorism and religious fanaticism.


Je suis Charlie


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