Ten Years Ago…


Ten years ago today, what would go on to become one of the best shows ever on television aired its first episode, ’33’. It was the reboot of the late 1970’s ABC show, “Battlestar Galactica”. The original BSG was a cheese-fest and guilty pleasure as I look back. Jump ahead almost 30 years to 2003, and the world had changed dramatically. Two years after 9/11 the world faced far more sinister threats from people who would seek to undermine our way of life. Along comes a rebooted, re-imagined show based on a cheesy 70’s TV show, with stories and episodes that might have been ripped from the headlines of the day. Terrorism. Political intrigue. Betrayal. Military honor.

“33” showed an enemy that relentlessly pursued the survivors of a genocidal attack. Every 33 minutes, this enemy would show up. I won’t go any further. Watch the show. Buy the DVD’s! You will not regret it! The story is probably more relevant today than it was ten years ago!


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