Morning Serenity


There are some special places that many of us go to recharge, reconnect with self, relax, commune with nature, call it what you want. This is one such place for me. This is the beach at the head of Howe Sound, in British Columbia. This is where I live. This was taken at around 7AM one day. The wind was calm. The place was empty of people and dogs. As I sat on one of the wooden benches, I just sensed an amazing peace flow through me. I knew then that this was a place of significance for me. A place to come and connect with self and meditate. The past ten years have been incredibly tumultuous for me. Messy divorce. Loss of religious faith and a belief in God. Leaving a church community and support network. It was nice to sit and listen. Waves lapping the shore. Birds singing and calling to other birds. A Light breeze rustling through the trees. For the first time in many months, I felt at peace.

We all need places like this. Places that we can just sit and be still. I hope you find yours.



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